"I purchased my Ready Brute Elite a few months ago after researching all of the tow bars currently available, when it arrived and I opened the box I knew that I had made the right choice. The quality, craftsmanship and materials were outstanding.

The first opportunity I had to use my new tow bar was on December 2 to tow my Jeep Wrangler behind my RV. About 2 hours into the trip while driving at 60 MPH on a 2 lane State Road the right front wheel of my Jeep came off and shot 20 feet into the air and severed an 18 inch fence post. By the time I got the RV to stop and get off the road the wheel was 1/2 mile behind me.

To my pleasant surprise my Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar held the front end of the Jeep high enough so the rotor never hit the ground and prevented the Jeep from rolling and causing significant damage. The only damage to the tow bar was the black surge brake cable pulled out of the swaged fitting.

I want to thank you for building what I consider to be the best tow bar on the market. Please tell me what I need to do to get a replacement surge brake cable." - Thank You,
Carl Lemme

   "We just got back from a trip – I was really, really pleased with your system – especially when a dumb a double scribble pulled out in front of me when I was at 60 mph – worked great and there was no sway, no push and we stopped perfectly – thanks again for a great system!! – you should let people know out here on the east coast – I know I have told quite a few friends!!" - Mike Chaban Dickson City, PA

   "As an owner of a machine shop myself, I can see that you and your team gave the ready brute a lot of thought. It is, without doubt, the finest tow bars I've ever seen. Thanks again for such a fine product."- Rick Irrgang Prescott, AZ

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ReadyBrute ™ RV Tow Bars

(*Offer valid only in US lower 48 States)

NSA RV Products now offers a new design aluminum Tow Bar that we call the ReadyBrute™.

But don't let the name throw you, even though it's very strong, it's actually quite lightweight and easy to handle because it's made from Billet Aluminum, rated at 8,000 lbs. towing capacity, more than enough to tow any car or truck behind your RV or Motorhome.

RB9025 ReadyBrute Tow Bar

  • Quickly stows on your Motorhome when not in use.
  • Rated at 8,000 lbs towing capacity
  • Powder coated finish for extra durability
  • Rubber boots cover arm extension keeping operation smooth and bind free
  • Aluminum Tow Bar construction, only weighs 30 lbs.
  • Self Locking Arms with Non-binding clevis design - Makes it a breeze to hook up and unhook even when the Tow Bar is not in line with the Motorhome. This makes it a non-binding Tow Bar.
  • Full Lifetime Guarantee
  • Works with Roadmaster, Blue Ox and Demco RV car towing baseplates

    Pricing starts at $905 for the ReadyBrute RV Tow Bars

Ready Brute Elite™ the only Tow Bar in the World that has an integrated Supplemental Brake

RB9050 ReadyBrute RV Tow Bar
The innovative ReadyBrake Surge Braking System is now available separate or combined with our ReadyBrute RV Tow bars

The ReadyBrake is a RV surge braking system designed to apply the cars braking system when you stop in your RV. Its features allow it to mechanically apply the towed vehicles brakes in a smooth and proportional manner without complicated setup procedures. Ready Brake is a mechanical surge brake, no complicated wiring or calibration required.

We have an online installation video available of the ReadyBrake which shows clearly how the product works and step by step installation.


Continue on and read more about the ReadyBrake Surge Braking System (available separately) or the ReadyBrute™ RV Tow Bars


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